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It can takes years to master the skill of laying tile. My journey began over 10 years ago, when I worked for a well known tile installation company here in Phoenix. My then boss and mentor taught me everything I know about tile.  He encouraged me to show up to projects on time, ready to learn, and to master the craft of tile laying.

My first job as an apprentice inspired me to start my own tile company.  It was very challenging at the beginning and I almost gave up, but I just kept going. My team and I have done residential tile installations for clients all over Phoenix, and little by little our company has grown. There have been many ups and down throughout our journey, but I am excited to say that today we are working on becoming the #1 tile company in Phoenix.

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Our team of expert tile installers have completed thousands of residential and commercial projects throughout the greater Phoenix area. We are dedicated to bringing your project and designs to life. 

Whether you are remodeling your home, building a new house, or have a commercial project that requires flooring or tile installation, we are the right team for the job. Give us a call for your free quote.

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In 2010 I started at the very bottom at my mentor’s tile company, as a helper. Over the course of 2 years, I worked very hard learning as much as I could and honing my skills as a tile installer. In 2012, I decided to start my own tile company and since then we have successfully completed thousands of tile installation Gilbert AZ projects for our happy clients.

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